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What Clients are Saying

The Birth of a Baby and a Doula

"Claire was my friend and I was pregnant with my 6th child. For some crazy and inexplicable reason I was determined to have photos at my birth (a first and only) and my soul cried out to ask Claire to take them for me.

I asked her because she was quiet and intuitive. I was comfortable around her and she has an eye for art & beauty.

At this point Claire had never been at a birth or had children of her own. And when she agreed to take pictures it was on the knowledge that if it got to be too much for her, she would leave. I walked the final weeks of my pregnancy teaching and sharing with her what to expect.

I told her the pictures I wanted most, but everything else was up to her. I don't remember the pain of labor or the strain to relax and bear down at the same time to bring forth my son.

I do however, remember vividly how Claire changed as pushing turned to the birth. Confidence began to radiate from her, giving me confidence to continue. I heard the clicking of the camera capturing moments in time. The joy and excitement and wonder that Claire was experiencing bled into me in those last moments before labor was over and the babe in my arms.

Without even trying Claire soothed and encouraged my weary body. Her joy at mine breathed new life into those last minutes is a gift I will cherish forever."

Buffy Scott

Deer Park, WA

Natural Hospital Birth

"We were so thankful for having Claire as our doula for the birth of our third child! She gave me a lot of comfort just by her calm personality, and she dealt with the hospital staff so my husband could completely focus on me. She countermassaged my lower back during the contractions which was really helpful! We never had a doula before, but having Claire made us wish we would have had one for the births of our first two kids as well. I thought it might be strange to have somebody else there during the birth but Claire was so relaxed, calm and reassuring that it felt completely normal to have her there." 

Tanja R

Deer Park, WA

"For being such a tiny person, Claire was a huge help with the birth of our little girl. She always seemed to have the right words of encouragement and tips for my wife during labor. Having her there as our doula let me fully focus on helping my wife through labor. I hope to have Claire along for the next three births!" 

Todd R

Deer Park, WA


"Claire was an amazing doula. As soon as my wife had asked her to be a doula, she went to work by helping prepare my wife for a home birth. During the birth she brought a bag full of useful things. Things like candles to create a more peaceful mood, massagers to help relieve stress and pain, and snacks for my wife. I was so glad that we had Claire as a doula, and we would gladly use her again if the need should arise."

Alex Perry

Deer Park, WA

Postpartum Support

"The role of a doula doesn't end with the arrival of baby... in fact, in my personal experience, the most important time to have support and encouragement was actually POSTPARTUM. Claire supported me as I recovered, physically and emotionally. She reminded me to give myself grace and to take time to deliberately stop, breathe, and treasure in my heart the fleeting moments of having a newborn. She has such a gentleness and meekness in her care, and every time she visited, and even in every text she'd send, I felt tremendous peace. She reminded me that, not only that I COULD do this, but that I was MADE to do this! It is such a gift to know someone so wonderful is there for me, and I am so honored to be cared for by Claire."

Michelle Richbart

Spokane, WA

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